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Services - Yours domain Amount Price Comments
Web-hosting 1 month 118 руб.
– 329 руб.
Virtual hosting from your domain registrar
Site builder 1 month From 0 RUR Set of tools for easy site building. No special knowledge or skills required. A version with lightweight functionality is provided free of charge.
vCard 1 year 118 RUR You will be able to place Your contact data on the registered domain.
Domain parking 1 year 118 RUR The service is an easy place html-pages on your domain
goMobi (mobile site) 1 month 540 RUR
DNS Support Free Domains registered via WebNames.Ru only
DNS Support 1 year 147 RUR Only domains
DNS Support 1 year 295 RUR Support to the domain registrar's DNS-servers
Web-Forwarding 1 year 118 RUR The service allows you to adjust the parameters of our web-server to redirect requests to other servers with any of your subdomains

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Services - Data protection Amount Price Comments
Domain transfer 0 - 150 RUR Для .RU и РФ - 150 рублей. Остальные домены - бесплатно (оплачивается только продление регистрации домена)
Certificate of domain name registration 250 RUR The certificate reflects the data on the owner (administrator) domain at the date of issuance
Domain registration reference 500 RUR Reference provides information about person who entered into the contract with the registrar and administers the domain name. References are often required when registering electronic media in Roskomnadzor.
Privacy protection 300 RUR Service protection of registration data makes it possible to completely hide the details for the owner of the domain
Advanced security 1 year 490 RUR 2-step verification for signing in: password + SMS

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Services - For partners Amount Price Comments
Price for partners 1 year From 150 RUR Low prices for domain names registration and renewal
Resellers panel 1 year Free The control panel allows you to quickly begin providing services to register and manage domains for your users

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Contracts for domain registrations