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  • Extracts from the service agreement and other conditions
    1. This Agreement is concluded in the following cases:
      • In case of receipt of an application for services, which will be an acceptance of this offer.
      • From the moment it is signed by both parties and before the end of the period of pre-emptive renewal, the last domain registered under the Agreement.
    2. Payment for services by the Customer is made by advance payment in one of the ways published on the Contractor's website ( Payment is made on the basis of an invoice. Expenses for transfer of payment (payment of operating expenses of banks and payment systems) are made at the expense of the Customer. The services are rendered only after receipt of funds to the account of the Contractor.
    3. The Parties hereto recognize the validity of the texts of documents received through communication channels, along with documents executed in simple written form, except for the exchange of claims for which a simple written form is required.
    4. Communication channels in terms of this Agreement are e-mails with the contact addresses specified in this Agreement. In the event of changing contact addresses on the Customer's initiative, the contact addresses will be the e-mail addresses communicated to the Contractor using the password chosen by the Customer.
    5. Parties assume full responsibility for the actions of employees who have access to communication channels.
    6. In the event the Contractor makes changes to the Agreement, the Contractor undertakes to notifying the Customer of the fact of the changes via the communication channels and simultaneously publish the indicated changes on the WEB server at
    7. The amendments shall go into force not less than 10 calendar days after the date of notification and publication.
    8. Applications for domain registration are queued and are satisfied by the principle: the first paid, the first received the domain. (The first to pay is the one whose money was first transferred to the settlement account of the Contractor)
    9. For the registration of the same domain, an unlimited number of applications can be accepted.
    10. Applications for which payment has not been received within the period specified in the invoice are deleted.
    11. The Agreement number is assigned by "Rеgtime LLC". The Customer concludes with "Rеgtime LLC" only one Contract, regardless of the number of registered domains and related services. One contract can pay for registration and re-registration of any number of domains.
    12. The date of conclusion of the written contract is the date of receipt by us as the Contractor of all necessary documents from the Customer.
    13. The Customer agrees with the processing and use of his personal data: collection, storage, clarification, submission, transfer to the registries, including transfer to the registries abroad of the Russian Federation, with the termination of storage (destruction) of data in the performance of contractual conditions (example: in the case of not service extension \ domain).
    14. By submitting an application for the registration of a domain name, the Customer confirms the fact of his acquaintance and consent with the relevant rules for registering domain names. By submitting an application for re-registration (renewal) of the domain name at the end of the validity period of the domain registration in accordance with clause 2.2 of the Service Agreement, the Customer confirms the authenticity of the information on the Domain Administrator specified at the initial registration. In addition, the Customer confirms that he is the Administrator of the renewed domain or that he acts on his behalf. Responsibility for providing unreliable information about the Administrator of the domain to the Contractor lies entirely with the Customer.


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